Games and photo galleries

Games and photo galleries

Cartoon of a crowd from Tudor times, by Tim Archbold

Have fun and discover fun facts with our games and photo galleries

New! The great time quest game

The Great Time Quest GameYou’ve been taken back in time and now you’re stuck there! Your mission is to complete all four time travelling quests in order to get back to the present day. Do you have what it takes to become a time-travelling champion? Play the game >

Joust for Henry VIII game

The screen of the game's main menuIn honour of his new Queen, Kateryn Parr, Henry is holding a jousting tournament at Hampton Court Palace. Have you got what it takes to be the King’s champion? Play the game >

Young Henry VIII morph

Play our fun and easy-to-use morph and see handsome Prince Henry change into fat Henry the Tyrant!
See the morph >

Fight Henry VIII game

 A screenshot of the main menu in the foot combat gameHenry VIII is hosting a foot combat tournament at the Tower of London. Have you got what it takes to wear armour and handle a weapon like a Tudor master, and get to challenge the King in the final round? Play the game >


Beat the Gaoler game

Will you change history? Answer the questions in our game correctly and let some of our famous prisoners go free! Play the game>


Cadwallader is a .exe game and is downloadable in a zip. You will need to extract the .exe from the zip folder to play. You can save the .exe file to your computer and play it again whenever you like!
Have fun making your own shields >

Knights and Chief screensaver

The knights and Chief screensaver is downloadable in a zip folder. You will need to save the file to your computer. Don't forget what folder you've saved it in!
Our knight and Chief Yeoman Warder give you fun facts about the palaces. 
Download this great screensaver >

Prisoners slideshow

Who were the Tower's most famous prisoners? Why were they here? When were they imprisoned? What happened to them? Meet the prisoners in our slideshow >

Tower of London wallpaper 

A design based on the south front of the White Tower
Download the wallpaper

Hampton Court Palace wallpaper

The Hampton Court Palace wallpaper design is based on the vaulted ceiling of the Chapel Royal.
Click here to download the Hampton Court Palace wallpaper >

Banqueting House wallpaper

This design frames Peter Paul Rubens's famous painted ceiling
Download the wallpaper

Kensington Palace wallpaper

This wallpaper is real wallpaper from the King's Gallery
Download the wallpaper 

Kew Palace wallpaper

A design from inside a doll's house that belonged to King George III's daughters
Download the wallpaper

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