Sensory Palaces

Sensory Palaces

Sensory palaces

Sensory Palaces is a unique health and wellbeing programme, combining historical storytelling with a multi-sensory approach. It aims to increase participants’ sense of wellbeing, belonging and confidence, supporting them to explore the stories of some of the greatest palaces ever built in an interactive and immersive way.

Our progress so far

Throughout 2014, we have been developing and piloting Sensory Palaces with the help of our partners Alzheimer’s Society, Mind and Royal Mencap, their service users, clients and staff.

At Hampton Court Palace, we worked with Alzheimer’s Society Richmond to pilot the Georgian and Tudor themed workshops with people living with dementia and their carers. Over the course of five workshops, participants made Georgian drinking chocolate, created their own sleep remedies in the Kitchen Gardens, sang and danced to Tudor tunes in the Great Hall and made their own marchpane, a Tudor feast treat.

In addition to this, we delivered audience awareness workshops for our staff and volunteers to generate awareness of dementia, mental health issues and learning disabilities so that we are better able to support our visitors through having an increased understanding of their needs and abilities.

Next steps

Our long-term ambition for Sensory Palaces is to create a comprehensive core programme of exciting multi-sensory sessions for adults living with dementia, mental health issues and learning disabilities.

During the next stage of our piloting, in 2015, we will continue to develop and test Sensory Palaces with people living with dementia and their carers at Hampton Court Palace with the Alzheimer’s Society.

We are also exploring how we can broaden the use of sensory learning to delight all audiences.
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