Tudor Christmas

Tudor Christmas

Snow at Hampton Court Palace

 27 December 2014 - 1 January 2015

Celebrate the festive season in style by joining King Henry VIII and his courtiers for Tudor Christmas entertainments.

It is 1546 and, as the Court prepares for Christmas, Henry VIII receives ambassadors, welcomes visitors to his Palace and enjoys planning the coming revels.

But the King is ill. He has reigned over England since 1509; He has celebrated 37 Christmases as King, will this be his last? The Court is whispering and plotting. Who will be on the council of regency for his nine year old son, the future King Edward, and what will England look like after the King is gone?

Join the old King and see what festive jollity and merry-making is planned by the suspicious court. Enjoy the traditional music, dancing, the fire-eating Fool and the host of cooks toiling in his great kitchens, and see what last tricks Henry has up his sleeve, you might even catch a glimpse of him wearing his magnificent crown.

Come along to Hampton Court Palace to find out!

Past Pleasures and Historic Royal Palaces would like to gratefully acknowledge the assistance of Professor Diarmaid MacCulloch and Professor Thomas Betteridge in researching the history behind this event and of Toby Philpott in acting as magic consultant.

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