Fashion Rules on Paper

Fashion Rules on Paper

Fashion Rules on Paper - image of illustration app being used to draw dresses in the exhibition

Exclusive iPad illustration app available on-site when you visit. Create your own fashion illustrations inspired by the glamorous display of Royal couture.

Put the rules into practice

Fashion Rules on Paper - example illustartions on iPad app

  • Choose from 16 fashion illustration templates, split between three eras and inspired by the fashion rules exemplified by the dresses in the exhibition
  • Experiment with the shapes, silhouettes and lines which defined each era of dressing
  • Draw in the style of each era’s fashion illustration: from the elegant brushstroke lines of the 50s to the sketchy graphic lines of the 80s
  • Add colour using three era-defining colour palettes
  • Define details whilst observing the couture details in real life


About Fashion Rules on Paper

Fashion Rules on Paper - 53 logo NEW

Fashion Rules on Paper is the first ever bespoke version award-winning app Paper, Apple’s iPad App of the year 2012, created in collaboration between Historic Royal Palaces and New York-based FiftyThree

Original illustrations created by David Poole

Visit the exhibition gallery

Get some inspiration from our gallery of fashion illustrations shared by visitors to the exhibition

Fashion Rules on Paper - cover screen


Watch the app in action...

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