Men using the springald

Explore the Tower’s history as a formidable royal fortress.
  1. Fortress competition
    Win a Secrets Tour by entering our Fortress competition.
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  2. Fortress: Pace the battlements
    The Tower walls were breached by peasants in 1381. Explore the defences that protect the Tower on the Wall Walk.
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  3. Siege engines at the Tower
    Read about the Tower's full size replica siege engines, the springald and the perrier, and how they would have been used.
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  4. Peasants
    Take our in-depth psychological test to find out whose side you would have been on in the Peasants' Revolt.
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  5. Fortress: Did you know?
    Discover amazing facts and fascinating stories about the Peasants' Revolt, siege engines and guarding the Tower!
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  6. A modern-day fortress
    Discover how the Duke of Wellington transformed the Tower into a modern fortress
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