Tower archives

Tower archives

The White Tower

Within the massive walls of the Tower of London are kept the historic records of five different organisations that are part of the history of the palace, prison and fortress.

Archives available at the Tower of London:

  1. Royal Armouries archives
    The Royal Armouries archives contain material relating to the history, development and use of arms, armour, artillery and fortifications.
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  2. Architectural Drawing Collection
    The Architectural Drawing collection holds drawings of the five historic royal palaces, dating from the 18th century to the present day.
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  3. Royal Fusiliers archive
    The Royal Fusiliers archives held at the Tower of London relate to former Royal Fusiliers of two Regiments and four Battalions:
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  4. Chapel of St Peter ad Vincula archives
    The Chapel of St Peter ad Vincula is a Tudor chapel containing monuments to residents of the Tower and its prisoners.
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  5. The Yeoman Warders archive
    Formed in 1485, records in the archives go back to the 17th century.
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