Assessment centre

Assessment centre

A staff workshop

Assessment centres are an additional part of the recruitment selection process to help identify suitable candidates for various roles. The format of an assessment centre will vary depending on the position. In this section you will find some answers to commonly-asked questions and tips on how to perform well in an assessment Centre.

Assessment explained

How is an assessment centre structured?

The assessment centre consists of a series of group and individual exercises which can include psychometric tests, structured interviews, presentations, role plays, in-tray exercises and team activities.

Assessment centres can be carried out over a full or half day.

For which roles are assessment centres used?

Assessment centres are appropriate for all roles but usually used for recruiting professional, team leader and management positions.

Why might they be used?

Assessment centres provide a comprehensive and in depth assessment of candidates' skills, knowledge, behaviour and attitude. They gather maximum evidence as an accurate prediction of your competence, using a range of assessment tools. 

Where does it take place?

Assessment centres are usually held at one of our palaces.

Tips on how to perform

  • Think about how to make a strong first impression
  • Communicate and engage with the panel and delegates
  • Fully participate - express your views but listen to others
  • Be assertive without being autocratic
  • In group exercises, analyse the scenario and discuss it first with the group before you rush into solutions
  • Show interest and maintain your energy level
  • Don’t worry if you feel you didn’t perform well in a particular exercise. You will not be judged on one exercise alone
  • Be yourself!
  • Ask for feedback at the end of the day or at a later date

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