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This section contains answers to commonly-asked questions about the recruitment process at Historic Royal Palaces.

If you can't find the answer to your question please feel free to email your query to recruitment@hrp.org.uk

Frequently asked questions about...

How many people do you recruit each year?
We advertise about 70 permanent vacancies a year plus approximately 150 short term /seasonal roles.

Where do you recruit from?
We advertise through our website, Employment Ambassadors and appropriate external online job sites/media.

How do I apply for a vacancy?
You can view all our current vacancies here >

Once you have selected the role for which you want to apply you will be asked to register.  You will then be guided through the application step by step.

Can I reapply for a vacancy if I've been unsuccessful in the past?
Yes you can. Please be advised that you have to complete an application form for each vacancy.

When is the application deadline?
You will find the closing date for each vacancy on the advertisement. Applications cannot be submitted after the closing date.

How long will the application review process take?
This will depend on the number of applications and available dates for interviews

How will I find out if my application is successful?
We usually short list candidates after the closing date so there may be a delay in you receiving a response from us. You will however receive an email letting you know the result of your application once the screening has been completed.

What opportunities are there for career progression at Historic Royal Palaces?
We strongly believe in providing continuous learning and development opportunities for employees to develop their skills in their current role or prepare for future roles in the organisation. We encourage all of our employees to take advantage of the wide range of learning opportunities that we offer, for example, training and development workshops, working on project teams, job shadowing, networking and one-to-one mentoring.

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