Finding the right job

Finding the right job

A Conservator at Hampton Court

Finding the right job in a competitive environment can be a challenge. This section provides you with some tips when seeking employment. It gives a brief summary of each type of job we offer at Historic Royal Palaces. It also provides additional resources if you wish to find out more.

Tips on finding the right job

  • Ask yourself what you enjoy doing and what are you good at
  • Talk to people who know you well and ask their advice
  • Think about what motivates you
  • Understand the key elements and responsibilities of the job by reading the job profile
  • Match your skills to those of the job
  • Ensure the culture and values of the organisation are a good fit with your own
  • Be flexible and adaptable - it may not be your perfect job but consider if it provides relevant experience 
  • Consider temporary roles or internships / apprenticeships. These roles provide the opportunity to find out more about the organisation, work and gain valuable training.
  • Keep positive and believe in yourself

Different contracts

Depending on the nature of work we offer various types of contract:

  • Established - these are permanent positions 
  • Full-time/Part-time - full time hours of 36 plus per week 
  • Fixed-term - these roles are for a limited period of time in excess of 12 months to work on projects etc 
  • Temporary/Seasonal - short-term contracts of less than 12 months to cover busy periods e.g. during school holidays or to cover maternity leave/long term absence 
  • Casual - ad hoc work when available and when you wish to work - no guarantee of hours
  • Internships - usually 6 months and paid 
  • Apprenticeships - Usually 12 months with study of a nationally recognised qualification
  • Work experience - 1 to 2 weeks unpaid
  • Volunteers - unpaid roles

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