How to write a CV

How to write a CV

A shop assistant at Hampton Court

Your CV (Curriculum Vitae) is a document which provides an overview of your qualifications and experience. It should capture our attention to hopefully get you an interview.

Tips on how to write a CV

  • Match your CV with the job requirements
  • “KISS” = Keep It Straight and Simple. It should be easy to read
  • Present your employment record in reverse chronological order i.e. most current date first
  • Ask someone to double check for correct spelling and grammar 
  • Bear in mind that your CV will be reviewed alongside others so think about how you can make it stand out

CV basic structure

  • Personal details - include your full name, address and full contact details
  • Personal statement - this is a short introduction to the CV, describing your skills, experience and personal qualities
  • Education - state the number of exams passed e.g. GCSEs and A-Levels. It's useful to state if these include Mathematics and English. If you have any higher qualifications state this first.
  • Work experience - list the most recent first and describe your responsibilities in each role. Provide dates and explain any gaps in employment. 
  • Key skills - e.g. any training, vocational qualifications or competencies relevant
  • Hobbies and interests - this provides information about your personality outside the work place
  • References - Historic Royal Palaces makes offers of employment conditional on receiving satisfactory references from your former employer

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