Interview guide

Interview guide

Conservator at Hampton Court Palace

Your application is screened thoroughly by the recruiting manager and if shortlisted, you will be invited to attend an interview. An interview will help us to assess if you are the right fit for the role and give you the opportunity to explore if Historic Royal Palaces is the right organisation for you. 

Learn more about how to interview successfully

Why do we interview candidates?

  • To gain as much information as possible from each other
  • To find out if you are the right fit
  • To give you the opportunity to ask questions about the role and the organisation

What type of interviews do we undertake?

  • Telephone interviews
  • Group interviews
  • One to one interviews

Please consider the following points before you come for an interview:

  • Ask yourself: 'Why am I applying for the role?'
  • Map out your skills and achievements
  • Study the job profile - how can you demonstrate that you meet the job requirements?
  • Research the organisation using the website, news articles, etc

How to make a great impression

  • Research the organisation and the profile of the role 
  • Take along a copy of your CV and application
  • Ensure you arrive in plenty of time
  • Dress appropriately
  • Maintain eye contact during the interview
  • Think about your body language
  • Turn off your mobile phone 
  • Be concise in your responses but be prepared to give further information when asked
  • Answer the question - do not stray off the point or waffle
  • Use positive language and do not complain about your current employer
  • Show enthusiasm and interest
  • Speak clearly
  • Do not be too familiar or informal
  • Speak to all the interviewers, not just the one that asked the question
  • Prepare relevant questions - but not about time off or money 
  • Always smile and be yourself!

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