The Restoration

The Restoration

A new life begins for Banqueting House as the monarchy is restored in 1660.

The new life of Whitehall began on 29 May 1660 with Charles II's triumphal procession through the streets of London. He rode in procession from Charing Cross.

He arrived at the Banqueting House at 7 o'clock in the evening where he was greeted by both Houses of Parliament who made speeches declaring their loyalty to him.

A life of grandeur restored

The Banqueting House now reverted to its use as the great ceremonial chamber of the court, scene of grand receptions for foreign embassies and the traditional ceremonies of court life.

The embassy of the Prince de Ligne, was one of the first and most sumptuous such visits recorded in support of the newly restored monarchy, arriving in London in September 1660 with 14 coaches and 180 horses.


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