Events timeline

Events timeline

A portrait of Whitehall Palace

The Banqueting House's noteworthy dates and events

A selection of significant moments in the building's history, from its design by Inigo Jones to the destruction of Whitehall Palace.

Banqueting House timeline


Thomas Wolsey becomes Archbishop of York. He commissions work to extend York Place. York Place becomes a favourite visiting place for Henry VIII, and he acquires it when Wolsey falls from favour. York Place is renamed Whitehall.


Whitehall Palace becomes the sovereign's principal residence.


A temporary Banqueting House is constructed by Queen Elizabeth for entertainments connected with marriage negotiations with the Duke of Alencon.


James I replaces the temporary Banqueting House with a permanent structure.

January 1619

The old Banqueting House burns down.


Inigo Jones designs the new Banqueting House for James I.


Rubens's paintings are installed in the ceiling.


King Charles I is executed on a scaffold outside the Banqueting House.


William and Mary are offered, and accept, the crown of England at the Banqueting House. They reign as joint monarchs after the deposition of James II. The Declaration of Rights was read at Banqueting House.


Whitehall Palace burns down; only the Banqueting House remains.


Queen Victoria granted the Banqueting House to the Royal United Service Institute for use as a museum.


Management of the Banqueting House is taken over by Historic Royal Palaces.

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