Sessions for schools

Sessions for schools


Explore 'history where it happened' in the location that Charles I lost his head.

KS3 study days

By Divine Right 

The Banqueting house has stood for over 400 years; it is the last remaining part of Whitehall palace it was built as a reminder of the monarch’s divine right to rule. Yet in 1649 it was where Charles I was executed. In this session students are given a fantastic opportunity to meet and interview a member of the Stuart royal family, on the date of Charles I’s execution. Using primary sources “eyewitness” accounts they will develop their skills of historical enquiry and learn more about the events from the point of view of the Royals. Students will also take part in a walking tour that explores the lost palace of Whitehall. The day is an immersive opportunity to learn more about the English Civil War, using primary sources and costumed interpreters to explore the events through the eyes of a king.

£186 plus admission

To book please call our bookings team on 020 3166 6646.


By Divine Right: Teachers' Notes


To Kill a King with Parliament's Education Service

This whole day session is a unique immersive opportunity for key stage 3 students to follow in the footsteps of King Charles I through his trial, sentencing and execution.

Students will start the day in the Palace of Westminster where they will explore the context for the trial by assembling the case for the prosecution. With their arguments ready they will try the King in Westminster Hall, the location of the actual trial, before passing sentence.

In the afternoon the action will move to Banqueting House, the location of the King's execution, where students will explore the monarch's point of view and be able to question King Charles I further.

The day is designed to be a memorable introduction to the outcome of the English Civil War and uses a combination of source material, unique and privileged access to historic locations, and costumed interpreters to bring the topic to life.

Available dates in 2016/17:

Tuesday 7 March

Tuesday 14 March

Tuesday 21 March

Tuesday 28 March


To book this session, please visit the Parliament Education Service website.


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