Lion Gate Piers

Lion Gate Piers

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Conservation project profile

Project focus: Lion Gate Piers, Hampton Court Palace

We’re carrying out cleaning and repairs to the stone masonry

Why this project?

The piers are most significant in evoking Wren’s original great scheme for a north approach to Hampton Court Palace, although built at a time (1699 – 1713) when the scheme itself had been abandoned.

The Lion Gate is the most important monumental, independent and external creation both devised and built in the 18th Century.

What is the problem?

Surveys have identified sections of spalled stone, most noticeable on one of the pilasters on the south elevation of the west pier where a section of stone has fallen off, behind which a corroded tie is visible.

Other spalling has occurred on the pilasters and in various other locations particularly around the entablature at high level. This spalling is consistent with corrosion of the iron cramps behind.

A number of horizontal and vertical joints in the stone work have also opened up allowing water ingress which in turn leads to moisture retention within the structure hastening the deterioration of iron cramps and the mortar bonding between the ashlar stone and the brick core

What have we been doing recently?

The project team have been developing the conservation strategy and schedule of works in liaison with English Heritage.

When is the work happening?

The conservation strategy is presently being developed between the project team and English Heritage with project commencement programmed for September 2008.

Who is involved?

Project Manager: Rob Umney, Historic Royal Palaces
Architect: Gilmore Hankey Kirke Ltd.
Engineer: Hockley & Dawson Structural Consultants
QS: Huntley Cartwright
Contractor: CWO Ltd

Further information

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