Small Oak Room mirror

Small Oak Room mirror

Small Oak Room mirror

Conservation project profile

Project focus: Small Oak Room mirror, Hampton Court Palace

A mirror salvaged from the 1986 Hampton Court fire was examined, surface cleaned and re-packed to stabilise its condition.

Why this project?

Prior to the fire this mirror was located in the Small Oak Room at Hampton Court Palace, now known as the King’s Private Drawing Room. 

It is described as a ‘pier glass’ and although it is contemporary with other mirrors in the King’s Apartments, further research is needed to reveal its original location. 

Hence it was not hung in the 1992 re-presentation of the King’s Apartments. 

After the fire, the glass was repaired, re-silvered and copied where necessary, and then it was put into storage in its constituent parts. 

An inspection in 2005 raised concerns about corrosion and it was decided that a specialist conservator would be called in to examine the mirror and re-pack it until it could be displayed again.

Timings: March 2006

Photograph above of the Small Oak Room taken in the 1930s. The mirror is the one on the right-hand side.

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For more detailed information on the project, including images, please download the Adobe PDF file below.

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