Beauchamp Tower

Beauchamp Tower

The Beauchamp Tower, at the Tower of London

Conservation project profile

Project focus: Beauchamp Tower, Tower of London

We're carrying out and completing repairs to the tower’s stonework.

Why this project?

The Beauchamp Tower was built during the reign of Edward I, who was one of the most innovative castle builders of the medieval period. It is of exceptional significance as a royal residential tower. Built mostly of brick, but faced externally with stone, the Beauchamp was one of the first large-scale uses of brick in England after the Roman period.

The tower, adapted for important prisoners over the centuries, was named after its first prisoner Thomas Beauchamp, Earl of Warwick.

Scheduled project works

Timings: began in Summer 2007

Issues to address:

  • Thermal movement and pollution have harmed the stonework over the years
  • Previous repairs, including re-pointing with cement, have exacerbated the damage to surrounding stone

Scheduled works:

  • Grouting of voids between the medieval and Victorian stone
  • Stitching of fractures with stainless steel ties
  • Re-pointing in a softer mortar, using lime rather than cement
  • Masonry will be replaced only where essential for structural or weathering purposes

Further information

For more detailed information on this project, including images, please download the Adobe PDF file below.

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