Edward I

Edward I

King Edward I

r 1272-1307

Famous for his epitaph ‘The Hammer of the Scots’

A formidable warrior, he earned this moniker from his wars against William Wallace and Robert the Bruce.

Edward I at the Tower

He built the outer defences of The Tower of London. These include the rooms known as the Medieval Palace, which we have restored to their possible appearance in his reign.

He moved the London Mint into the Tower and kept prisoners there too.

Before taking on the Scots, he fought the Welsh, sending the head belonging to their Prince Llewellyn ‘the Last’ to decorate the Tower of London.

In his life-time, Edward was known as ‘Longshanks’. At well over 6 feet tall (about 2 metres), he stood head and shoulders above most of his people.

The next Monarch to make serious improvements to the Tower was Edward I's grandson Edward III.

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