Queen Anne

Queen Anne

Queen Anne

r 1702-14

Famous for being first sovereign of Great Britain

Anne’s greatest achievement was the Act of Union in 1707, which saw England and Scotland join to create a single kingdom.

Anne at Kensington Palace

Anne spent more time at Kensington Palace during the middle of her reign, perhaps hoping the fresh air in this semi-rural area would improve her husband‘s asthma.

She was devastated when he died in 1708 and did not set foot in Kensington until 18 months later, when she returned with her intimate friend Sarah, Duchess of Marlborough.

They were so close, in fact, that against protocol they called one another Mrs Morley and Mrs Freeman.

But despite these pleasantries their friendship was doomed. After a bitter argument at Kensington in 1710 they never met again.

Most of Anne’s 18 pregnancies ended in miscarriages. Her only child to survive more than a year was William, who died when he was 11 years old. When Anne died George I took over the throne, he was the first of the Hanoverians.



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