Building histories

Building histories

Whitehall Palace and St James

How the palaces have changed and how their royal owners shaped their development


    1. Grand designs
      Find out how monarchs adapted palace buildings to suit their own tastes.
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    2. Palace interiors
      Find out about interior decoration at the palaces.
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    3. Tower of London
      In the early 1080s, William the Conqueror began to build a massive stone tower
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    4. Hampton Court Palace
      From its humble medieval beginnings to the grace-and-favour period and today.
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    5. Banqueting House
      From archbishops’ residence to splendid venue for entertaining today
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    6. Kensington Palace
      Originally a private country house, the building was acquired by William III and Mary II in 1689 and was adapted for royal residence by Sir Christopher Wren.
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    7. Kew Palace
      From rich merchant’s house to royal home of George III and members of his family.
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