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Our online communities

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For regular updates, unexpected entertainments - and to take part in conversations about the past, present and future of our palaces and our work

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We provide regularly updated audio, video and other content to download for free from our own page on iTunes U, the part of the iTunes Store dedicated to content from universities, museums, and public media organizations around the world.

  • Talks and Discussions
  • Behind the Scenes - our Curators, Conservators, Historians and other experts
  • Learning resources 
  • Exhibition related content

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Our online projects...


The Virtual Menagerie

Virtual Menagerie crest

We want YOUR beasts! For the Royal Beasts exhibition, we’ve re-opened the Royal Menagerie – virtually. You are invited to do as centuries of royals, rulers and remarkable characters have done and sent your beast to the Tower. But what weird, wild or wonderful creature will you send to impress the King?

The 'other' royal weddings blog

The 'other' royal weddings logo

Discover the spectacles, scandals and (occasional) romances of centuries of royal wedding stories. A month of Twitter, videos and blogging, revealing their transformation over time and influence on contemporary culture, courtesy of our curators, historians and experts. <read it here>

Tudor cook-along videos


Create genuine 16th century dishes in your own home with these easy to follow cook-along videos, filmed in the Tudor kitchens at Hampton Court Palace. <watch them here>

Henry VIII's Greatest Hits


Henry VIII takes Tudor tunes into the 21st century - with a bit of help from some of the most iconic pop videos of all time. We challenge you to identify the seven famous music videos Henry is parodying - or to download the music or video clips and create your own version...  <watch here>


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