Make your own helmet

Make your own helmet

Arming yourself


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Arming the knight!

What better way to win the heart of your lady-love than putting on a suit of solid armour, mounting your powerful stallion and charging out onto the tournament field to display your manly prowess?

Tired of getting sand kicked in your face?
Why not send your rivals flying off the backs of their horses in an old-style joust. 

A good suit of armour is a fighting machine and a fashion statement all rolled into one. 


Video: Arming the knight

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Make your own helmet!

It took craftsmen many hours to make royal helmets, but with our help you can make an amazing helmet in much less time!

Click on the links below to start making your own helmet.
  (PDF,  9.0MB) Click here to start making this helmet

  (PDF,  8.7MB) Click here to start making this helmet




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