'House of Cards' by Coney

'House of Cards' by Coney

Coney - Beefeater statue

Take part in captivating tales of the monarchy and court life with theatre-makers Coney’s radical re-imagining of the State Apartments.

Re-imagining the State Apartments

The King’s and Queen’s State Apartments, once the epicentre of royal and political life, have been brought to life with new multi-medium installations, live interactive theatre, and never-displayed-before costume from the Royal Ceremonial Dress Collection.

The Queen's State Apartments

Image of Coney's interpretation of Kensington Palace State Apartments
Lift the curtain on the private lives of Mary II and Anne and explore how their shared heartbreak became the tragedy of the nation. In these intimate wood-panelled apartments, visitors will see the rise and fall of the Stuarts through the eyes of Little William, the future King who danced himself to death on his 11th birthday.

Each room has been transformed with a beautiful installation that explores each stage of the dynasty, from the Glorious Revolution to the end of the Protestant line of the Stuarts. 

For the curious, walls may whisper and secrets could be hidden anywhere...

The King's State Apartments

Do you have what it takes to serve the King?

Within the grand, imposing architecture of the King’s Apartments, you are once again invited to play the Game of Court.

Full of mystery and some hidden secrets, our choose-your-own-adventure story is an enchanting way to explore the King's Apartments, and discover the role you might have held in the court of King George.  You might even find some very mysterious courtiers along your way.

Booklets are free to all visitors, but created especially with families in mind.  Copies are available from the visitor desk in the White Court or at the foot of the King's Staircase.

About Coney

Coney makes adventures and all kinds of things for people to play, following a set of principles including loveliness, adventure and curiosity.

They mix live and digital art forms to create immersive stories and play for diverse audiences.

These can happen anywhere, at anytime: in buildings, online, or out in the world. The adventure starts when you first hear about it and ends when you stop thinking about it. Coney’s work is light, playful and responsive to the actions of its audience, offering them the opportunity to co-author their experience.

For more information visit Coney's website or you can follow @agencyofconey on Twitter.


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