Introduction to Jubilee - A view from the crowd

Introduction to Jubilee - A view from the crowd

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A temporary exhibition exploring Queen Victoria's Diamond Jubilee from the perspective of those who celebrated it

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This new, temporary exhibition, Jubilee - A view from the crowd explores Queen Victoria's
Diamond Jubilee from the point of view of those who celebrated it, from duchesses to
newspaper sellers.

In 1897 Queen Victoria celebrated 60 years on the throne with her Diamond Jubilee. She was the first British monarch to reach such a remarkable milestone. The Golden Jubilee of her grandfather, George III, was the first real royal celebration of a jubilee but the popular festivities for Queen Victoria's Diamond Jubilee were on an unprecedented level, celebrated across the British Empire. 

The focus for the exhibition is the grand procession through the streets of London on 22 June 1897 which took Queen Victoria to a service of thanksgiving in St Paul's Cathedral. Hundreds of thousands of people came from across Britain and the world to watch this momentous event. Across the country they joined in the festivities with balls, banquets, sports matches, fireworks and jubilee beacons. 

The exhibition brings together fascinating souvenirs and beautiful costumes to provide a glimpse into the extraordinary celebration of Queen Victoria's Diamond Jubilee. 

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