The private bedchamber

The private bedchamber

Queen Caroline's private bedchamber

The daily activities of the monarch which the courtiers witnessed in the State Apartments were for show. The truly intimate moments of a monarch's daily life took place in the relative privacy of the private apartments.

These are smaller more intimate rooms, directly connected the larger state apartments. Kings and queens had separate private apartments.

True privacy?

Privacy was relative though. The monarch was never really alone as his servants of the bedchamber would be in constant attendance. However, there was one room where the monarch could achieve total privacy – the private bedchamber. Here, George II would visit Queen Caroline in her private whenever he returned from his travels and they would lock themselves in using the ingenious pully system which allowed them to lock the bedchamber door without having to leave their bed – visit the exhibition to see this restored locking mechanism in place.

Privacy in this room was important for the act that secured the future of the throne – producing an heir. Protocol dictated that the king would always visit the queen in her apartments. The king would also visit his mistresses in her apartments.

The kings own private bedchamber was just for sleeping!

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