What is Baroque?

What is Baroque?

Our collection of magnificent state beds date from the 17th and 18th century when the Baroque style was all the rage across Europe. These beds were designed to impress and in true Baroque style used bold colours, rich patterns and are exquisitely executed in the finest materials of the period.

Against the backdrop of Hampton Court’s Baroque Palace these beds convey the magnificence and bombast of the period.

A fresh twist on Baroque

The new 'Baroque' chandelier in the Secrets of the Royal Bedchamber exhibitionSecrets of the Royal Bedchamber exhibition designers Universal Design Studio have taken a fresh contemporary twist to the core principles of the Baroque aesthetic; dynamism, reflection, embellishment. The exhibition design aims to complement and contrast with the magnificence of the Mary II’s State Apartments.
Christopher Wren’s Hampton Court Palace is a fantastic example of exuberant English Baroque architecture. This magnificent half of the palace was King William III and Queen Mary II’s answer to France’s Versailles.

Baroque art in the exhibition

The Kings and Queens that occupied Hampton Court during the 17th and 18th Century were also important patrons of Baroque art and music. Queen Anne’s funeral music, which you can hear in the exhibition, was written by Baroque composer William Croft, whilst her successors George I and George II were patrons of German composers Georg Frederick Handel and Johann Sebastian Bach whose music defined the mid-18th Century and is still popular today. And if you visit the Drawing Room in the Queen’s State Apartments you will see Anne immortalised in Antonio Verio’s painted ceiling.

Exhibition included in palace admission

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