Victoria 4 Albert

Victoria 4 Albert

Victoria 4 Albert - promo image for animations released at from Valentine's Day 2012


The great royal love you've never seen it before. Stunning animated short-films by Chiara Ambrosio

Share the trials and tribulations of Queen Victoria and Albert’s era-defining romance in five short  episodes... 

Epiosde one (The first meeting):

Born three months apart, cousins Victoria and Albert grow up in separate countries, but with families planning their future together. However, their first meeting, on Kensington Palace's Stone Steps, does not go according to plan...

Episode two (Time apart):

Victoria becomes Queen and asserts her independence by declaring her desire not to marry, despite the presentation of numerous eligible suitors. Albert, meanwhile, departs for his Grand Tour, leaving behind his brother Ernest to learn of Europe's treasures. Both have grown-up and changed...but will their feelings for each other have done the same?

Episode three (The proposal):

Victoria and Albert's second meeting: her feelings for him are, in her own words words, "much changed" (despite him arriving without appropriate clothers to wear!) and she can now happily conceive of marrying. But does Albert feel the same way - and will he say yes to her proposal?

Episode four (The Courtship):

One is head over one's heels! The newly betrothed couple discover their deep love for one another, and embark on a passionate and tender courtship - until Albert has to return to Germany.

Episode five (The Wedding):

Separated one final time, Albert says his ‘Auf Wiedersehens’ in Germany and Victoria meets well-wishers back at home. The couple exchange increasingly yearning letters and elaborate gifts until they are re-united once again…for their wedding ceremony

About these films

These films accompanied the major exhibition Victoria Revealed at Kensington Palace. They were originally released in five daily online episodes from Valentine's Day 2012, to start the countdown to the palace's re-opening on 26 March 2012. In using Queen Victoria’s remarkably candid personal diaries to tell the story in her own words, the animation reflects the approach taken in the exhibition. It also features several of the pivotal moments in her life that took place at Kensington Palace, including her birth, her unhappy childhood under the so-called ‘Kensington System’, and her first meeting with Albert on the palace’s Stone Stairs.


Created and directed by CHIARA AMBROSIO // Commissioned by HISTORIC ROYAL PALACES // Produced by TIM POWELL // Content producer DEIRDRE MURPHY // Assistant content producer MARY CANHAM // Designed and animated by CHIARA AMBROSIO, VESELINA DASHINOVA , FIAMMETTA HORVAT // Music composed and performed by JAMES HESFORD // Sound design by MARK PETER WRIGHT // Featuring the voice of JULIA RAYNER as QUEEN VICTORIA // Additional animation by ALEX CZINCZEL // Art-working and inking by YUI HAMAGASHIRA // Special thanks to: Mikey Kirkpatrick, Dieter Deswarte, Martin Earle, Mariavittoria Cammarella, Nicholas McArthur, and The Animation Department, UCA Farnham

Media enquiries should be made to Tim Powell in the Historic Royal Palaces new media team at or on 0203 166 6305. The full press release can be read here.

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