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Games and makes

The great time quest game

A selection of games to play and things to make for children and families.


The great time quest
You’ve been taken back in time and now you’re stuck there! Your mission is to complete all four time travelling quests in order to get back to the present day.

Joust with Henry VIII gameJoust for Henry VIII game
In honour of his new Queen, Kateryn Parr, Henry is holding a jousting tournament at Hampton Court Palace. Have you got what it takes to be the King’s champion?


Tips on greeting the King
Visiting Henry VIII’s court is full of dangers so beware! Make sure you prepare well in advance to make a big impression.


Download the wallpaper
The Hampton Court Palace wallpaper design is based on the vaulted ceiling of the Chapel Royal.


Historic headwear

A hat for young masters (PDF 3.5MB)
If you are a young master, why not make your own hat in the style of Henry’s fashionable headwear.

Create your own Georgian bonnet (PDF 1.97MB)
Dress like a Georgian courtier and create a ladies bonnet.

Create your own Georgian cap (PDF 916KB)
Get hands-on with this easy 18th century cap.

Create your own Georgian tricorne hat (PDF 2.33MB)
Become the height of Georgian fashion and make headwear fit for king.

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