History and stories

History and stories

The East Front of Hampton Court Palace

Discover some of Hampton Court’s sights and stories, whether you plan to visit or just want to learn more about this enchanting palace and its history

History of events and buildings

Flick through our events timeline  of Hampton Court Palace which highlights the major events. Or you can read a more indepth history of the buildings.  

Palace people

Explore palace people for profiles, stories and little-known facts about some of England’s famous monarchs and interesting characters associated with Hampton Court Palace.

The monarchs particularly associated with Hampton Court are Henry VIII (r 1509-47), Queen Mary I (r 1553-8), James I (r 1603-25), Charles I (r 1625-1649), Charles II (r 1630-85), William III and Mary II, George II (r 1727-60).

Or read some spooky ghost stories from Hampton Court Palace.

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