Further reading

Further reading

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A wealth of information can be found on Hampton Court Palace. There are many books written on the architecture, gardens and all of the monarchs and people associated with the palace.


The following list offers a good starting point for anybody who is interested in learning more about Hampton Court Palace.

‘The King’s Apartments 1689-1702, Hampton Court Palace’, Apollo, CXL:390 (August).

B Brears, All the King’s Cooks: the Tudor Kitchens of King Henry VIII at Hampton Court Palace (London, 1999).

R O Bucholz, ‘Going to Court in 1700: A Visitor’s Guide’, The Court Historian, 3 (January, 2000), 209-11.

H M Colvin (ed), The History of the King’s Works: 1485-1660, 3:1 (London, 1975).

H M Colvin (ed), The History of the King’s Works: 1660-1782, 5 (London, 1976).

H M Colvin (ed), The History of the King’s Works: 1782-1851, 6 (London, 1973).

M Fishlock, The Great Fire at Hampton Court (London, 1993).

Historic Royal Palaces, Explore Hampton Court Palace.

E Law, The History of Hampton Court Palace in Orange and Guelph Times, 3 (London, 1891).

E Law, The History of Hampton Court Palace in Tudor Times, 1 (London, 1885).

E Law, The History of Hampton Court Palace in Tudor Times, 2 (London, 1891).

T Longstaffe-Gowan, The Gardens and Parks at Hampton Court Palace (London, 2005).

S E Parker, Grace and Favour: a Handbook of Who Lived Where in Hampton Court Palace 1750 to 1950 (London, 2005).

S Thurley, Hampton Court: A Social and Architectural History (New Haven & London, 2003).

L Worsley and D Souden, Hampton Court Palace: the Official Illustrated History (London, 2005).




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