Games and video

Games and video

The great time quest game

A selection of games to play and things to watch at Hampton Court Palace.


The great time quest

You’ve been taken back in time and now you’re stuck there! Your mission is to complete all four time travelling quests in order to get back to the present day. Play the great time quest game >

King William's Chocolate Challenge

Chocolate challenge game

Can you make sure the king gets his hot chocolate? Play King William's Chocolate Challenge >

For the first time in almost 300 years, you can visit the Chocolate Kitchen at Hampton Court Palace.



Henry VIII's kitchens

Henry VIII kitchen videoWatch Henry VIII's cooks create the most magnificent food in England. Watch our video on Henry VIII's kitchens >




Dressing the Lady

Dressing the lady video

Watch 'Kateryn Parr' prepare for the biggest moment of her life - her marriage to King Henry VIII. Watch our video on dressing the lady >




Who were the Tudors?

The Tudors were the ruling family in England between 1485 and 1603. Find out more about the Tudors >

All about Henry's wives

Henry VIII famously had six wives. Find out all about their lives (and deaths) >

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