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Engaging and challenging sessions to get your GCSE students thinking. Give your students the opportunity to investigate history through a source-based approach in which they examine the palace buildings themselves as well as a variety of historic objects.

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Our palaces offer the ideal setting for an in-depth local history study day exploring the changing functions and use of Hampton Court Palace.

Hampton Court in context: Reading the Historic Environment

Hampton Court is both a magnificent Tudor palace and a beautiful Baroque palace. Students will discover the changing functions and use of Hampton Court Palace over time. This depth study will encourage students to critically examine primary source material including the buildings and historic artefacts and documents to test how far these sites reflect the changes in local and national history.

When: Wednesday to Friday, 10.30
2.5 hours
Price: £186 plus admission

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Reading the Historic Environment: Teachers' Notes (PDF)
A guide for teachers to use before visiting.

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