Key Stage 2

Key Stage 2

Pupils in Hampton Court Palace

Sessions are aligned with a range of subjects across the new Primary Curriculum and designed for classes of up to 35 children.

Supporting the curriculum

A visit to Hampton Court Palace supports teachers wishing to teach the new Primary History Curriculum. Pupils can extend their chronological knowledge beyond 1066, or conduct a local history study at the palace.

Sessions also include cross-curricular links with: English, Geography, Design & Technology, Art & Design, Science and Music.

Expert presenters use costume, stories and primary source material to support pupils’ knowledge and understanding of key aspects of Tudor history.

2016-17 sessions

We have grouped the sessions so you can choose the one suitable for your class. Follow the links below to find out what's on offer and to book.

Exploring the palace and gardens

Sessions available >

Practical and object handling

Sessions available >

English and drama

Sessions available >

Digital missions

Sessions available >


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