Teachers' resources

Teachers' resources

Investigating Henry Writing

Materials to support lessons and your students' learning 

Fact sheets, visit planning information, virtual tours and resources for exploring the palace. 

Resources to use in the classroom

Fact Sheets

Henry VIII and his six wives (PDF 346KB)
A colourful fact sheet about the king, his six wives and their relationships.

The Tudor Dynasty (PDF 86KB)
A family tree of the royal Tudors.

The Late Stuart Family Tree (PDF 172KB)
Tracing the lineage from James I to William III in a handy fact sheet.

The Hanoverian Family Tree (PDF 143KB)
A family tree of the royal Hanovers.

Claimants to the English Throne in 1562 (PDF 151KB)
From Henry VII to Edward Seymour in one handy guide.

Tutorials and activities

Storytelling Tutorial
The animated tutorial and teacher's notes demonstrates and takes you through the process of combining information, both factual and imagined, to create a story.

Tudor clothes
Simple craft patterns to make your own Tudor clothes and head wear.


Our YouTube playlist includes videos covering:

  • 500 Years of Hampton Court Palace
  • How to tell a story with puppets, animation, or photos
  • Activities for Time Explorers digital missions
  • Stories of historic figures, told by school children

Watch our teacher resource videos on YouTube >

Lesson Slides and Ideas for KS2

Inventors and innovation

Lesson ideas (PDF, 81KB) (Word doc, 129KB)

Monarchs through the ages

Lesson ideas (PDF, 181KB)

Opening up the world

Lesson ideas (PDF, 84KB) (Word doc, 130KB

Performance, Paintings and Propaganda

Lesson ideas (PDF, 180KB) 

Playing the king

Lesson ideas (PDF, 184KB) 

Lesson slides (PDF, 1.42MB)

Upstairs, Downstairs

Lesson ideas (PDF, 186KB)

Lesson slides (PDF, 2.06MB)

Young Henry 

Lesson ideas (PDF, 82KB) (Word doc, 129KB)


Resources to use in the palace (KS2)

Teacher and group leader notes. These trails are intended for teachers and adult helpers to use with KS2 student groups whilst exploring different areas of the palace. They give suggestions of things to look for, things to think about and things to imagine. The things to think about are intended to be prompts for discussion - there are no right or wrong answers. The trails are designed to be printed out back to back and folded into an A5 size booklet.

Henry VIII's Apartments

This trail guides you from the front entrance of the Palace through Base Court and Clock Court, to the Great Hall, the Great Watching Chamber, the Processional Route (Haunted Gallery) and Henry's Council Chamber.

The trail helps to bring Henry VIII's Apartments alive for your pupils by encouraging them to imagine how the rooms were used in Henry's time.

Download the trail for Henry VIII's apartments (PDF 1MB)

Henry VIII's Kitchens

Henry VIII's kitchen posterThis trail guides you from Master Carpenter's Court at the entrance to Henry VIII's Kitchens, through the various different areas and rooms of the kitchens and out to the serving place and wine cellar.

You will be introduced to the various methods of cooking, storing and flavouring food in Tudor times as well as the different types of food that were prepared in these kitchens.

The trail also encourages pupils to think about the different people who worked in the kitchens and what it would have been like to do those jobs.

Download the trail for Henry VIII's kitchens (PDF 2MB)

Baroque Trail

This trail takes pupils through some of the lesser known, Baroque areas of the palace. The trail includes parts of apartments created for William III (1689-1702) and parts of the Georgian apartments which are decorated as they would have been when Queen  Caroline used them (Caroline was married to King George II who reigned from 1727-1760).

The rooms are quite different to the Tudor parts of the palace and pupils often find them difficult to understand. This trail helps to explain these rooms and bring the Baroque court to life.

Download our baroque trail (PDF 1.7MB)

Garden Trail

The gardens at Hampton Court Palace are varied and beautiful.

This trail takes you around the different areas including the very formal Privy Garden, which is laid out as it would have been during King William III's reign (1689-1702), the wilderness garden which is much more informal, the great fountain garden and the famous grape vine.

Download our garden trail (PDF 1.1MB)

History Detectives

Set your pupils the brief of being history detectives and challenge them to find out more about the wealth, wives and personality of Henry VIII using his apartments in the palace as their evidence.

The trail is designed to be printed out back to back and folded into an A5 size booklet.

Download the history detective trail (PDF 2MB)

Resources to use in the palace (KS3)

Investigating history

Investigating history: artefacts (PDF 5.45MB)
Detailed information on artefacts handled in the Investigating history session. 

Investigating history: chronology (PDF 95.9KB)
A handy timeline of events in Hampton Court’s history

(In)glorious revolution

(In)glorious revolution: chronology (PDF 98KB)
The key events leading up to the Glorious Revolution of 1688, and William and Mary’s building of Hampton Court Palace.

(In)glorious revolution: characters (PDF 440KB)
The key characters of the Glorious Revolution of 1688.

Tudor kitchens revealed

Tudor kitchens revealed: chronology (PDF 96KB)
The key moments in the history of the kitchens at Hampton Court Palace.

Tudor kitchens revealed: table manners (PDF 96KB)
A guide to the manners required at a Tudor table.

Elizabeth, power and politics

Elizabeth, power and politics: family tree (PDF 2.94MB)
A family tree of the Tudor dynasty and potential claimants to the English throne in 1562.

Henry to Mary: a religious rollercoaster

Henry to Mary chronology (PDF 2.94MB)
A detailed chronology of the religious changes in the Tudor period.

Henry to Mary characters (PDF 2.94MB)
The key characters in Tudor religious upheaval.

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