Chocolate Kitchens

Chocolate Kitchens

The Chocolate Kitchen at Hampton Court Palace

Come and visit the Chocolate Kitchens, opened for the first time in almost 300 years.

Only surviving royal Chocolate Kitchens

After falling out of use, the Chocolate Kitchen lay hidden for years. Reopened in February 2014, it is the only royal chocolate kitchen in Britain and an astonishing survival. As part of the Baroque building at Hampton Court Palace, the Chocolate Kitchen was built for William and Mary, around 1689, but mainly served the Georgian kings. We follow the story of chocolate made for George I by his own personal chocolate maker Thomas Tosier.

Explore the story of chocolate in England, the chocolate makers and how they made chocolate, and the Chocolate Kitchen rooms themselves. Discover how we conserve and care for each room, and the beautiful equipment used to serve chocolate to kings. You can even try making your own Georgian chocolate from our easy to follow recipes and watch our chocolate cookalong.

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