Chocolate cookalong

Chocolate cookalong

Cocoa beans

Georgian chocolate was made using water, milk, and wine. Here food historian Marc Meltonville creates chocolate port, a delicious and rich drink fit for a king. To be served in the evening and especially welcoming in winter, this drink is luxurious and warming.

Chocolate port

Georgian chocolate was a drink made with water, milk, and, quite regularly, sweet wine. This chocolate port recipe follows typical Georgian recipes.

Download our chocolate port recipe (PDF, 147 KB)

Chocolate cakes

Cake in this case means piece, as in a cake of soap. If you would like to make your chocolate from scratch like the Georgians, follow this recipe adapted from a 1692 version.

Download our chocolate cakes recipe (PDF, 73.3 KB)

Chocolate Cream

A chocolate cream is a dessert to be served on its own, or whilst drinking chocolate. Make it yourself at home following a recipe taken from the cookbook of George I’s personal cook.

Download our chocolate cream recipe (PDF, 150 KB)

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