Thomas and Grace Tosier

Thomas and Grace Tosier

Grace Tosier's print portrait

George I’s chocolate maker was Thomas Tosier – a privileged position within the Royal Household. We know he had his own bedroom at the palace, making him a very high-ranking servant.

Thomas wasn’t only the King’s chocolate maker – he also ran a chocolate house on Chocolate Row in Greenwich, which was managed by his wife Grace. It was very popular and often mentioned in the social pages. They even installed a ‘Great Room’ in 1721 just for dancing!

The Tosier name was clearly important as after Thomas died and Grace remarried, she remained a Tosier. It appears that Grace was quite a character – she was known for wearing a ‘large brimmed hat’ and ‘flowers in her bosom’.

Grace was so successful that the fashionable painter Bartholomew Dandridge painted her portrait in 1729. Her portrait became a collectable print and she was considered a Georgian celebrity. Today you can see this original print hanging above the fireplace in the Chocolate Room.

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