Make your own headwear

Make your own headwear

Make your own Tudor headgear!

To make it at Henry’s court, you'll need to have some fashionable headwear!

Make your own hat or hood

If you are a young master, how about a bonnet in the style of Henry’s fashionable headwear?

Make your own Henry hat >  (PDF, 3.5MB)

Or, if you are a young lady of Court, you can choose between the elegant English hood or the shapely French hood!

Make your own English hood > (PDF, 4.0MB)
Make your own French hood > (PDF, 3.4MB)

Make sure you attach your finest jewels and feathers to your wonderful creations! 


Be creative!

You might like to think about the fabrics, colours and trimmings which are fashionable now, think about the ways we express ourselves through clothing, our status symbols and our favourite pastimes.

Henry VIII was a fashionable king who used clothing to send messages to his courtiers and subjects. What message might you like to send to Henry VIII when you visit him at Hampton Court Palace?

A living Tudor world

Come to the King's finest palace and experience the splendours of his court. Take part in royal entertainments, fine tune your courtly charms and uncover the political and domestic dramas that plague our king. Find out more >  


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