Wildlife at Hampton Court

Wildlife at Hampton Court

Hampton Court's estate is home to a huge variety of wildlife, most famously the 300 fallow deer which are descended from Henry VIII's original herd.

When you visit the gardens, look out for our mobile Gardeners’ Hut where you can find out more about our wildlife

The estate is home to a number of bird species including swans, sand martins, kingfishers, tawny owls, and kestrels. The long avenues of European lime trees support jackdaws, ring-necked parakeets and bats.

Tawny Owl © Rickochet

Eels live in the waterways and ponds and in Home Park’s grassland you can find voles, shrews and grass snakes. The estate also hosts an artificial sand martin bank constructed to provide a safe nesting opportunity for these birds.

Home Park has been designated a Site of Special Scientific Interest by Natural England for its acid grassland and veteran trees. This unique environment supports rare invertebrates and thousands of ant hills. The acid grassland is a fragile ecosystem of fine leaved grasses and acid loving plants.

Rare Autumn Squill (scilla autumnalis) growing in Home Park’s acid grassland © Linda Pitkin

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