Tudor cook-along videos

Tudor cook-along videos

Tudor cook-along videos

Create genuine 16th century dishes in your own home with these easy to follow cook-along videos, filmed in the Tudor kitchens at Hampton Court Palace.

Join chef Robin Mitchener, part of the historic kitchens team at Hampton Court Palace, in the world-famous kitchens of Henry VIII. These recipes were discovered from 500 year old manuscripts, but we’ve adapted them just enough so you can make in a modern kitchen.

Ryschewys close and fryez – a perfect alternative to Christmas mince pies

Ryschewys close and fryez
The 'Ryschewy' is the pasta parcel filled with a spiced fruit and nut paste, to 'close and fry' tells you what to do with them. These are most probably a dish that came to England from the Crusades.

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Tarte owte of Lent - a really good Tudor cheese tart

Tartes owt of Lente
The name derives from the fact that it contains all the things you’re not allowed to eat during lent - cheese, cream and eggs, cooked in a light pastry case! If you like a strong cheese taste, then this is the dish for you.
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Fylettys en Galentyne – roast pork stewed in rich caramelised onion gravy

Fylettys en Galentyne
The point to this is long slow cooking. We find pork slices good, about 1cm thick, with all the pork scraps shredded and put in as well.

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    Fylettys en Galentyne recipe
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    Ryschewys close and fryez recipe
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    Tartes owt of Lente recipe
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