The Chapel Royal

The Chapel Royal

The Chapel Royal ceiling

A beautiful chapel in continuous use for over 450 years. Everyone is welcome to attend religious services in The Chapel Royal at Hampton Court Palace.

Sumptuous ceiling and important historic site

Outstandingly rich, colourful and layered with history, the chapel’s ceiling is the grand culmination of the Tudor interiors at Hampton Court. 

Kings and queens used the private pew which looks down upon the main body of the chapel.

It was here in the chapel, in 1540, that Archbishop Cranmer handed Henry VIII a letter outlining various accusations against the King’s young new wife, Catherine Howard.

She was accused of unchaste behaviour before her marriage. Henry VIII had been besotted with his young wife, which is why he turned against her all the more viciously. She was executed at the Tower of London soon afterwards. 

Henry VIII's Crown, an accurate replica of the crown worn by Henry VIII, is on display in the Royal Pew of the Chapel Royal where Henry himself would have sat wearing it.

Her Majesty's chapel

‘Her Majesty provides this beautiful place of worship and its establishment of a Chaplain, a full-time Choir, and a Verger, for all who may wish to attend its services or visit it’.
Father Anthony Howe, Chaplain and Deputy Priest in Ordinary

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