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Things to see and do for 1, 2 and 3 hour visits

We recommend you allow at least 3 hours for your visit to Hampton Court. Our friendly staff in the Information Centre off Base Court can assist you in planning your time. However, here are some possible ideas to help you get the most out of your visit to the palace.

If you only have...

1 hour - the Tudor experience

  • Enjoy Henry VIII's Apartments and his Crown (20 mins)
  • Take a walk through the Tudor Kitchens (20 mins)
  • Discover Young Henry VIII's Story (20 mins)

1 hour - the Baroque experience

  • Wander through William III's Apartments (35 mins)
  • Watch the Baroque Story film (15 mins)
  • Gaze at the Georgian Chocolate Kitchen (10 mins)

2 hours

  • Enjoy Henry VIII's Apartments and his Crown (30 mins)
  • Experience the Tudor Kitchens (20 mins) 
  • Visit Chapel Court and/or the Chapel Royal (10 mins)  
  • Discover Young Henry VIII's Story (20 mins)
  • Wander through William III's Apartments (15 mins) 
  • Explore the Georgian Story (25 mins)

3 hours

  • See Henry VIII's Apartments and his Crown (35 mins)
  • Take a walk through the Tudor Kitchens (20 mins) 
  • Enjoy Chapel Court and/or the Chapel Royal (10 mins)  
  • Discover Young Henry VIII's Story (25 mins)
  • Watch the new Baroque Story film (15 mins)
  • Visit William III's Apartments (35 mins) 
  • Gaze at the new Georgian Chocolate Kitchen (10 mins)
  • Explore the Georgian Story (30 mins)

More to see and do

Don't forget that you can come and go between the palace and the gardens with your palace ticket - it's not a one-off visit, you can return to do other areas inside the building on the same day. Just show your admission ticket each time you enter the palace or formal gardens.

So, if you are staying longer, don't miss:

For further information about our live interpretation and special events visit our what's on pages.

Downloadable Resources

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    HCP Gardens map - March 2016.pdf
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    HCP Estate Map 2016.pdf
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    Hampton Court Palace Orientation Map 2016 Empress.pdf
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