British Sign Language tours

British Sign Language tours

A BSL interpreter at Hampton Court Palace

Experience over 500 years of royal history. Get the most from your visit by arranging to come on one of our pre-arranged dates when a BSL interpreter and BSL-using guide will be on site.

Available dates

No booking required – just turn up and join in the fun**

   Deaf BSL-using Guide  Interpreter Guide
 Saturday 13 May  Robert Heads  Lynne Johnston
 Sunday 14 May  John Wilson  Jenny Peters
 Saturday 10 June  Ian Urquhart  Lynne Johnston
 Sunday 11 June  John Wilson  Jenny Peters
 Saturday 8 July  Robert Heads  Lynne Johnston
 Sunday 9 July  Ian Urquhart  Jenny Peters
 Saturday 12 August  Ian Urquhart  Lynne Johnston
 Sunday 13 August  John Wilson  Jenny Peters
 Saturday 9 September  Robert Heads  Lynne Johnston
 Sunday 10 September  John Wilson  Jenny Peters

Must be pre-booked*

 Saturday 14 October   John Wilson  Lynne Johnston 
 Sunday 15 October  Robert Heads  Jenny Peters
 Saturday 11 November  Ian Urquhart  Lynne Johnston
 Sunday 12 November  Robert Heads  Jenny Peters

No booking required – just turn up and join in the fun**

 Friday 29 December (Christmas)   John Wilson  Jenny Peters
 Saturday 30 December (Christmas)  Robert Heads  Lynne Johnston


*How to book
Email or call Text Relay 18001 020 3166 6000 least two weeks in advance with your preferred date.  If you wish to pre-arrange a different date, please also give us two weeks notice so that we can book the interpreter.

**On arrival, please go to the Information Centre off Base Court and make yourself known to the staff. They will find the interpreter/guide for you and someone will come to collect you.

If you would like to visit on a date that suits you and is not listed above, please get in touch with details of your preferred date and we will book an interpreter for you.

There is no additional cost - this is included in normal palace admission tickets and Membership.

About the tours

A BSL interpreter guide (either Lynne Johnston or Jenny Peters) and a Deaf BSL-using guide (Ian Urquhart, John Wilson or Robert Heads) will be available for two-hour slots at the following times on the dates listed above:



16:00-17:00 (summer hours only)

Please meet the guides in the Information Centre, off Base Court at the required time.

Itineraries can be tailored to individual or group need but generally the BSL interpreter guides will follow the palace's daily costumed presentation and the Deaf guides will give guided tours of areas of the palace not covered by the costumed guides.

Group leaders planning to bring a large party may wish to arrange a private date that is just for their group.

Hampton Court Palace reserves the right to move the planned BSL interpreter presence to cover special events.

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A handy access guide
(PDF 829KB)  Palace and visiting information for visitors with disabilities.

Visitor information in British Sign Language

For information on access, admission tickets, getting to Hampton Court Palace, opening times and events at the palace, please view our video:

Video: Visitor information on Hampton Court Palace in British Sign Language

Downloadable Resources

Some files are provided in PDF format - you will need Adobe Acrobat Reader to view these files.

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    HCP Access Guide
    (Adobe PDF, 6040KB)

    AW_BSL Flyer 2017.pdf
    (Adobe PDF, 5178KB)

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