Elizabethan Christmas

Elizabethan Christmas

Actor in the Great Hall

21 December – 23 December 2016
27 December – 1 January 2017
During palace opening hours
11.00am – 3.30pm

A heart-warming Christmas story for all the family set at the court of Queen Elizabeth I and performed around the Palace, from the Tudor Kitchens to the Great Hall.

Written especially for Hampton Court Palace by award winning playwright Elizabeth Kuti, this touching tale unfolds over four theatrical scenes, full of music, singing and festive fun.

Queen Elizabeth I and her court are at Hampton Court Palace for the festive season. The pressure is on for the Queen’s Master of Revels, Edmund Tilney, to arrange a celebration to remember.  Disaster strikes as he finds himself without his star chorister hours before the performance for the demanding Queen. Will Tom, the kitchen boy be allowed to save the day? 

Throughout the day the royal cooks in the bustling Tudor Kitchens will be roasting meat and making bespoke Tudor desserts, and musicians will be playing festive music around the Palace.

Included in palace admission.

Time  Location  What's happening?  
11:00 Great Hall Scene: Edmund Tilney, the Master of the Revels, rehearses the Choir for the Christmas Festivities, but all is not well. 
11:15 Base Court Festive music from The Queen’s Musick.
11:30  Great Hall Be serenaded by the vocal ensemble, Aurum Vocale.
12:00 Great Watching Chamber Scene: Queen Elizabeth and her Lady in Waiting, Mary Scudamore, await the arrival of the Queen’s favourite, the dashing Robert Devereux, Earl of Essex. 
12:00 Base Court

Festive music from The Queen’s Musick.

12:15  Great Hall  Be serenaded by the vocal ensemble, Aurum Vocale. 
13:00  Great Hall Be serenaded by the vocal ensemble, Aurum Vocale. 
13:45  Clock Court  Learn some Elizabethan dance steps to impress your friends and family. 
14:15 Tudor Kitchens:Servery Scene: Tom and Martha are busy working while the court celebrates upstairs, but Tom’s mind is elsewhere.  Can his dream come true?
14:15 Great Hall Festive music from The Queen’s Musik.
14:30 Great Hall Be serenaded by the vocal ensemble, Aurum Vocale.
15:00 Great Hall Scene: Final preparations are underway in the Great Hall for the festive celebrations. Will everything be ready in time and will the Queen be pleased?
All day Tudor Kitchens Join our Kitchens Team for a whole host of Tudor cookery throughout the day.

Queen Elizabeth: Ruth Redman
Edmund Tilney, Master of Revels: Anthony Taylor
Robert Devereux, Earl of Essex: Henry Proffitt
Mary Scudamore, Lady-in-Waiting: Annabelle Brown
Martha, Laundress: Morag Sims
Tom, Kitchen Boy: Archie Stevens

Creative Team
Writer: Elizabeth Kuti
Director: Tom Latter
Movement Director: Anna Morrissey
Music Director, Aurum Vocale: David Clegg
Music Director, The Queen’s Musick: Tom Lees
Company Stage Manager: Sally McKenna
Designer/Assistant Stage Manager: Emma Robinson
Head of Costume, Past Pleasures: Stephanie Selmayr
Costume Manager, Past Pleasures: Laura Sheldon


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