Plays, tours and presentations

Plays, tours and presentations

TimePlays John Blanke in Great Watching Chamber

History comes to life on a visit to Hampton Court Palace

Daily and included in your ticket
Immerse yourself in our live interpretation - the Tudor Court in the morning and the Stuart Court in the afternoon. (There will be a different programme during school holidays.)

Or collect one of our audio tours if you would prefer a more D.I.Y. approach (subject to availability). These are available in foreign languages.

Periodic and included in your ticket
Hear what our staff have to say about the history of the palace or gardens in seasonal and/or occasional talks.

On demand and for a fee
Hire your own personal private guide from our pool of Institute of Tourist Guiding Level 2 accredited Guides. Prices start at £110 + VAT (£132). Tours can be tailored to the needs and/or interests of the party.

At weekends, for an additional £5 per adult or £2.50 per child (£4/£2 for members), join a guided tour of the Barrack Block & Wren Studio. Palace admission is not required for this tour.

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    HCP guided tour booking form 2015 -15
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    HCP guided tour booking form 2015 15+
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    HCP roof tour booking form -15 2015
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    HCP roof tour booking form 15+ 2015
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