Power and performance

Power and performance

Henry VIII’s royal court was home to both powerful performances and performances of power.  Join us for a season of events exploring how Henry and his Tudor court demonstrated authority through magnificent music, theatrical performance and the iconic Hampton Court Palace itself.

Encounters with the Tudors, the Tudor Kitchens and the Tudor Joust are all included in the price of your palace ticket. Uncover talks and discussions are ticketed.

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Uncover - Talks and Discussions

25 April, 10 May, 23 May & 8 June. Enjoy and explore Hampton Court Palace through our Spring season of adult events. Come along to learn more about Hampton Court Palace, enjoy insights from historians and much more.

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Encounters with the Tudors: PowerPlay

Thursdays to Mondays until August 2017. It is the summer of 1533 and Henry VIII and his new, pregnant Queen, Anne Boleyn, are arriving at Hampton Court to inspect the building works before Anne gives birth to child who everyone is sure will be the long-awaited male heir. Included in palace admission.

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Encounters with the Tudors: Heads, Hearts and Heresy

Tuesdays and Wednesdays until 31 August 2017. Step into the dangerous declining years of Henry’s VIII’s reign. Hampton Court Palace is alive with plots and intrigue. Once favoured courtiers have fallen, even queens have faced divorce or death. The king has proclaimed himself Supreme Head of the Church in England but who knows what beliefs he will favour and which declare heresy. Included in palace admission.

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The Tudor Kitchens

Daily until 31 August 2017. Meet the Tudor cooks and learn even more about their cookery techniques and dishes. Included in palace admission.

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Tudor Joust

15 and 16 July 2017. The grounds of Hampton Court will once again ring out with the sound of charging horses hooves and the clash of cold metal, as King Henry VIII and his court take up residence for that most Tudor of royal sports; the joust. Included in palace admission.

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