Martin Tower

Martin Tower

Martin Tower

Dine amongst twelve thousand diamonds

Available for evening hire only
Room size: 5m x 3.5m
Capacity: up to 12 people for dinner

About the venue


  • In fine weather enjoy pre-dinner drinks on a sheltered patio area or part of the East Wall Walk
  • Crown frame made for George IV and 12,314 diamonds to represent the number with which it was set
  • Dine where Colonel Blood attempted to steal the Crown Jewels

Best for…

Enjoy an dining experience in the former home of the Crown Jewels. Today the Martin Tower houses the Crowns and Diamonds exhibition and provides a unique, intimate dining space for up to 12 guests.

A little history of the space…

Built by Henry III this tower was the scene of Colonel Thomas Blood’s fruitless attempt to steal the Crown Jewels. After the Restoration, the newly made regalia was kept in the Martin Tower (known at the time as the Jewel Tower) in sole custody of the Deputy Keeper of the Jewels, Talbot Edwards.

Blood, disguised as a clergyman, gained Edwards’ trust and on 9 May 1671 convinced the Keeper to show the Crown Jewels to two friends. As soon as the chamber was opened Edwards was attacked and badly injured.

Blood hid the State Crown beneath his cloak; one accomplice slipped the Orb into his breeches, while the other began filing the sceptre in half to make it more portable. When they were disturbed by Edward's son, the three fled but were soon captured.

After his trial Blood obtained an audience with Charles II and for reasons not fully known, the King pardoned Blood, granted him a pension and promised that his Irish estates, seized at the Restoration, would be restored.


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