Games and makes

Games and makes

Family visits at Kensington Palace

Find out fun facts with our online games and activities. There's something for all ages.

Fun family activities

Family trails

You can pick up one of our Victoria Revealed or King's State Apartments family trails from the White Court ticket desk when you arrive. Kids go free!

Bringing the palace to life

Find out more about the exciting events that all the family can take part in. From making your own cabinet of curiosities to creating an enchanted animal mask, come and explore the inspirational world of Kensington Palace.

Downloadable activities

Why not print out and enjoy at home some of our free downloadable craft activities for children:

Make your own Order of the Garter badge (PDF 306KB)

Create your own Peter the Wild Boy puppet (PDF 306KB) 

Create your own Queen Victoria Puppet (PDF 933KB)

Historic headwear

Historic headwear

Create your own Georgian bonnet (PDF 1.97MB)
Dress like a Georgian courtier and create a ladies bonnet.

Create your own Georgian cap (PDF 916KB)
Get hands-on with this easy 18th century cap.

Create your own Georgian tricorne hat (PDF 2.33MB)
Become the height of Georgian fashion and make headwear fit for king.

Palace wallpaper

This palace wallpaper is based on real wallpaper from the King's Gallery

Download the wallpaper

More games and activities

Palace Kids has more videos, games, makes and activities for the family.

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