Palace people

Palace people

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Profiles, stories and little-known facts about some of England’s famous kings and queens and interesting characters associated with Kensington Palace.


Explore the stories of some monarchs who have been pivotal in the history of Kensington Palace.

William III and Mary II
They are famous for reigning jointly. They are the only monarchs in British history to have done so. They succeeded to the throne after James II, Mary’s father was deposed in 1688.
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Queen Anne (r 1702-14)
Famous for being first sovereign of Great Britain. Anne’s greatest achievement was the Act of Union in 1707, which saw England and Scotland join to create a single kingdom.
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George I (r 1714-27)
Famous for his German roots, George was the first Hanoverian monarch to rule England and was responsible for a substantial remodelling of Kensington Palace in the 1720s.
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George II (r 1727-60)
Famous for leading his troops into battle, George was the last monarch to do so in 1743 at the Battle of Dettingen.
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Queen Victoria (r 1837-1901) 
Famous for her long reign, Queen Victoria’s reign lasted 63 years, which is the longest in British history. Victoria spent her childhood at Kensington Palace.
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Queen Elizabeth II (r 1952-)
Famous for her coronation in 1953. It was the first coronation ceremony to be broadcast on television. Queen Elizabeth II is the great-great-granddaughter of Queen Victoria.
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Characters and personalities

Discover more about these famous and interesting characters, and see how they are connected to Kensington Palace.

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