Diana: a modern princess

Diana: a modern princess

Diana wallpaper


'I soon developed a sense of how many different things the Princess had to be: a mother, a member of the royal family, the future Queen of England, an ambassador, an icon’ Catherine Walker

A 20th century princess

The following are excerpts from the book, 'Diana, fashion and style'

'When Lady Diana Spencer married the Prince of Wales in St Paul’s Cathedral in July 1981, she stepped into another world. She quickly became aware of the many new roles that she now had to fulfil. She was a member of the royal family – indeed the future queen – but she was also soon to become a mother of two small boys. She would be seen as an ambassador with a job to promote great and worthy causes. She would be held up as an example to others.'

'The social commentator Lord Blake stated: ‘The real business of our monarchy is not mere glamour’ and Diana certainly appreciated that there was a professional job to do. However, she knew instinctively that her beauty and a little glamour could be used to tremendous benefit in this. It would be through her dress that she established a continuous and tantalizing contact with the rest of the world, which surmounted any language barrier.'

From her first royal tour of the principality of Wales in November 1981, the Princess was swept off by Prince Charles into a lively programme of visits around the world. There was, of course, time for fun and relaxation, such as watching Prince Charles playing polo, or tramping over the moors in Scotland, but even on these occasions Diana learnt that a crowd could quickly gather and photographers appear. She could enjoy few unguarded moments.'

*The lead image on this page is taken from a section of wallpaper specifically designed for the display, 'Diana: glimpses of a modern princess' which ran at Kensington Palace from 26 March - 4 November 2012.

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